NEW VIDEO | Las Cobras - Al Más Allá

When South American-based boyfriend/girlfriend duo of Sofía Aguerre and Leandro Rebellato aka 'Las Cobras' popped up on our sonic radar last year they instantly became firm favourites of ours. Their heady concoction of swirling, hypnotically charged  krautrock, porto-punk, subtle shoegaze and hazy sun kissed rock n' roll helped us to immerse ourselves into their brand of Latin American psych and in turn firmly established them into the modern day fuzz fuelled psych firmament. Their debut album 'Temporal' had it's official release via the ever brilliant London-based 'Fuzz Club Records' way back in May 2017 and became an instant fan favourite, ended the year on a plethora of year end lists and catapulted them into one of modern psych's most exciting new bands.

To celebrate Fuzz Club Records repressing their debut album 'Temporal' for a second run, 'Las Cobras' have unveiled a beautiful new video for 'Al Más Allá' (translating from Spanish to 'the afterlife'). There's a tinge of garage psych streaming through the inner core of this track that is quite alluring but it's the pull of traditional percussion, jangling guitars and droning synth enveloping a magnificent vocal line drenched in glorious reverberation that peaks our attention. The video for 'Al Más Allá' is sublime and was created by the band themselves in Cabo Polonio, a tiny fishing village on the east coast of Uruguay that still has no electricity, confronting the passage of time and evolution. 'Temporal' is available to pre-order on lovely vinyl once more via and digitally over at


EP REVIEW - The Altered Hours - On My Tongue - Featured Image - (700x700)

EP REVIEW | The Altered Hours - On My Tongue

EP REVIEW - The Altered Hours - Post Image - (300x300)ARTIST: The Altered Hours

RELEASE: On My Tongue 

RELEASE DATE: 9th March 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Art for Blind/Penske Recordings

After a year's worth of touring in support of their stunning debut album 'In Heat Not Sorry', Irish-based noise merchants 'The Altered Hours' decamped to Dublin's Bow Lane Studios to record their highly anticipated brand new four track EP entitled 'On My Tongue' . With a sound that typically tumbles through swathes of experimental psych, swirling fuzz and is at times peppered with layers of noisy shoegaze, the band decided to take a slight sojourn on this latest release by swerving into the noisier side of rock & roll thus giving us a little glimpse of what's to come on their forthcoming full length sophomore release. 'On My Tongue' was officially released on March 9th 2018 via Art For The Blind Records/Penske Recordings and is available to buy/download right now on various formats from

A fuzzy guitar progression generously harassed by menacing feedback, fret noise and jittering reverberation announces the arrival 'On My Tongue', the EP's opening salvo. It's rumbling percussion arrives from deep below the mix, building meticulously as it pulls a skittish beat and that repetitive bass signature with it into audible range to carefully circumnavigate an impressive opening vocal line. This track explodes into a cacophony of angry noise and it's filled to the brim with a repetitive injection of fuzz, pounding drums, throbbing bass lines and that addictive pulse of feedback laden guitars. Up next, 'Open Wide' shuffles into earshot swirling brilliantly through heady layers of moody atmospherics and sticky reverberation as the slow tempo of drums undulate and move like a well oiled pendulum allowing the hum of that luscious bass progression and the accompanying repetitive guitar line wash over the listener completely. Sporadic lines of lead guitar meander in and out of the mix as another impressive vocal performance hovers in close proximity, shadowed at times by haunting lines of backing vocals and those turbulent swells of resonating instrumentation.

'Over The Void', the EP's penultimate piece, drives a noisy wedge into the sonic ether as a rumbling percussive assault attacks the senses allowing those melodic vocalisations to swirl and meld with angry guitars and the pulse of sullen bass frequencies. This track is triumph, a bloody masterpiece and a definite highlight for me on the entire release. The EP closes out spiralling into the ether stuck fast to a repetitive beat and the glistening sound of tambourine, jangling stabs of guitar and acoustic frequencies. 'Hey No Way' is thoroughly addictive and is interspersed at times with passages of experimental psych, neo-psych and fuzzed out rock and roll. Brilliantly executed vocal lines ride turbulent layers of instrumentation that collectively soar into the ether, increasing in tempo with each cyclonic circumference, before plateauing into a huge sonic behemoth and nose diving into it's sullen finale. It's a huge ending to a marvellous EP.

'The Altered Hours' have twisted and reshaped their normal sonic attack into something altogether new and mesmerising with 'On My Tongue'. It has subtle highlights of post-punk, psych, neo-psych, shoegaze and riotous rock & roll all bundled up into one almighty white knuckle sonic thrill ride.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

Del Chaney has spent the last five years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  - Primal Radio -  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting genres of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

Primal Music - Top 10 Releases Of 2017 - Featured Image - (700x700)

PRIMAL MUSIC | The Best Releases Of 2017

Primal Music - Top Releases Of 2017 - Post Image - (300x300)2017 has been colossal in terms of underground music releases. Nearly all of the bands who we had expected to release new music this year did so and we also had some immense new arrivals to the scene, pushing boundaries and making waves all on their own. With the vast amount of submissions that we get to the blog on a daily basis it was very difficult to review all of them, we tried our best and we endeavoured to condense who we deem top contenders for our best releases of 2017 list down to a reasonable bunch of candidates. End of year lists generate conversations about bands who deserve support from small online publications like ours. So, from the veritable Fuzz Club Records to Edinburgh's 'Morningside Young Team', Sweden's VÅRØ Records to 'Blackspin Records' over in Greece and on into 'Wrong Way Records' over in the UK, Ireland's own Penske Recordings and straight through to the awesome American based Saint Marie Records we've tripped the sonic fantastic with this years 'End Of Year List' bringing you some blistering psych, sublime shoegaze, dreamy dream pop & atmospheric post-rock for your listening pleasure and you didn't even have to vote for one single entry!

Happy Christmas one and all and we'll see you all in 2018 for more fun and frolics!

Primal Music & Radio 

Holy Monitor - Holy Monitor 

2017 kicked off with a bang and we were introduced to a band back in January who absolutely blew our minds. Stunning Athens based experimental psych/kraut rock collective 'Holy Monitor' released their debut self-titled full length release filled to the brim with luscious soundscapes that skip through a multiple of different sonic disciplines with blistering aplomb. Released via 'Primitive Music Records' in collaboration with 'Blackspin Records' , this album is a total trip!

Dead Gurus - Acid Bench

Dark and foreboding, menacing and hypnotic, Minnesota based psych aficionados 'Dead Gurus' are no strangers to this modern underground psych scene. The band are made up of Jason Edmonds (Magic Castles), Bennett Johnson, Collin Gorman Weiland (Daughters of the Sun and Dreamweapon) & Ryan Garbes (Wet Hair) and what they collectively create is a no holds barred, deeply entrancing thrill ride through the darker side of the psychedelic spectrum. Their seven track opus entitled 'Acid Bench' was unleashed on February 17th 2017 via the exciting UK based independent record label 'Wrong Way Records'.

Percolator - Sestra

Dublin based three piece 'Percolator' have been creating electronically charged experimental standards drenched in poly-rhythmic kraut rock connotations underscored with subtle flourishes of shoegaze, prog rock & resonating noise since 2012 with the bands core lineup of Ian Chestnutt - guitar/vocal, Eleanor Myler - drums/vocal & John Murphy - bass staying true to the project since its conception. They popped up on our radar back in 2013 with the immense 'Little Demon' EP (which we played tracks from religiously over on our sister radio station Primal Radio) and they returned this year with a staggering collection of eight tracks packaged as 'Sestra', released via Cork based independent record label Penske Recordings.

Wozniak - Courage Reels 

Having wowed us all with their musical presence over previous EP releases, the sonic force that is Edinburgh's noisemakers 'Wozniak' unleashed a stunning collection of tracks in the guise of their highly anticipated debut album deftly titled 'Courage Reels'. This album tumbles through a plethora of immense genres generating enough power through each endearing track to continuously turn industrial strength turbines! Stand out tracks on this release are 'Crush, Shader, Perihelion and Super Panther', but the whole album is immense from start to finish. It was released back in April via the Edinburgh based independent record label 'Morningside Young Team' and worthy of your ears. Recommended!

Todavía - Shyness 

Los Angeles based dream pop aficionado Todavía aka self-releasing multi instrumentalist Rhyan Riesgo unleashed a highly anticipated brand new eight track album entitled 'Shyness' via the bands bandcamp page back in April. Todavía's sound is distinctly dreamy, with hushed synth swells, sequenced percussion, swirling guitars and shimmering reverberation that all circumnavigates that almost ethereal vocal tone. This album is luscious, addictive and a very early contender for our year end list.

Has A Shadow - Sorrow Tomorrow 

Mexico natives 'Has A Shadow' released their sophomore album (their first via Fuzz Club Records) entitled 'Sorrow Tomorrow' back on January 18th 2017. The band create a brand of dark and ritualistic modern day psych gaze that heaves and undulates through swathes of unabashed reverberation and driving instrumentation tinged with menacing gothic tones. This album was so good we gave it 5/5 after just one listen!

Jellyskin - Jellyskin

Leeds based  'Jellyskin' correlated all of their previously released singles, added a splattering of newer material and packaged it all up on what was their very first self-titled physical release. Formed in 2016, 'Jellyskin' exploded onto the underground psych/gaze scene with four consecutive single releases, each one absolutely sublime. Unless you've been hiding under a rock over the past year you would have read about the band on Primal Music's web pages & listened to them over on Primal Radio daily; they are seriously that good. 'Jellyskin' create stunning musical soundscapes that gracefully meander through experimental shoegaze, dream pop, psych rock and it's many, many sub genres. The availability of Jellyskin's singles in one release is a big bonus and we had earmarked these guys very early on as contenders for our best of year end list. Highly recommended!

JuJu - Our Mother Was A Plant

JuJu teamed up with one of the best underground independent record labels currently plying it's trade in this ever evolving scene, the immense 'Fuzz Club Records' and announced his sophomore release aptly titled 'Our Mother Was A Plant'. This time around Gioele Valenti dipped his sonic tendrils into a plethora of genres that includes afrobeat, krautrock, glam, post-punk, art rock, shoegaze & drone and it also featured guest appearances from 'Capra Informis', the masked djembe player of Swedish based psych aficionados 'Goat', making this album one of the most anticipated releases of 2017. It got it's full release back in September on 180g vinyl via and every single one of you needs this album in your collection. It is immense.

Tuath - Things I Don't Know 

‘Tuath’ exploded onto the Irish underground scene back in March 2015 with their intensely addictive & deeply experimental debut EP ‘An Taobh Tuath(Ail)’ closely followed by their immense spaced out single ‘Amhairc Thart Ort Fein’ in September of the same year. Last year the band returned with a blistering four track EP entitled ‘Existence Is Futile’ packed full of experimental dreamscapes that skipped from serine psych-rock into blissfully dreamy shoegaze and on into expressive jazz fusion coupled with swirling hypnotically progressive rhythms and sullen space rock hues. Back in January the band created what is their most interesting release to date. 'Things I Don't Know' pulses through four tracks of soaring reverb laced progressions, deeply filled with haunting vocalisations that are collectively underpinned by heavier grunge filled moments, swirling instrumentation and massive swathes of melody. It cemented a place in our minds back then and was always going to appear on our end of year list.

Miniatures - Jessamines

The debut album from 'Miniatures' is a dense and lush affair. Its textures are tightly woven to create velvety soundscapes that envelope and endear. Formed in 2012 and currently based in Melbourne, the trio seem to be a further example of the strength of the Southern hemisphere's creative scene right now – especially when it comes to the dreamier side of the spectrum. The band worked with renowned Melbourne based producer Matthew Hosking to fine tweak the sounds on this album and the finished product is spectacular. 'Jessamines' floats and flickers. It had it's full release on the 6th October 2017 via the ever reliable Saint Marie Records. 

Helicon - Helicon 

When Glasgow based experimental psych outfit 'Helicon' announced their highly anticipated self-titled debut album we got really excited. With eight EP's under their belts, 'Helicon' have taken the live scene by storm, touring Europe and sharing the stage with some serious heavy hitters including Wooden Shjips, The Warlocks and Dead Skeletons. Helicon's sound is addictive, engagingly dynamic and at times all consuming or otherworldly with melodic eastern tinged psych, swirling drones, mantra like vocalisations and intricately intense guitar work that collectively merges into one almighty sonic attack. Their debut album is officially released on the 8th of December via those good folks over at and it is sublime!

Bolywool - From Void To Matter Vol.3

Hailing from the wind swept isle of Öland in Sweden, Calle Thor and Oskar Karlström aka 'Bolywool' have been fascinating us lot here at Primal Music for quite some time with their shimmering, cinematic, frost laden soundscapes filled to the brim with flourishes of atmospheric post-rock and scintillating shoegaze collectively underscored by stunning electronic progressions. They started out on a sonic journey back in May 2017 with the first of a planned trilogy of EP's entitled 'From Void To Matter' via VÅRØ Records . Throughout the three EP's 'Bolywool' went from strength to strength culminating in what we think is their best release to date and a worthy entrant to our end of year tally. 'From Void To Matter Vol. 3' was officially released back on December 1st 2017 and is available to buy/download right now via



Holy Monitor :

Dead Gurus:




Has A Shadow:







Holy Monitor - Ghost - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Holy Monitor - Ghost

Hailing from the sunbaked Mediterranean shores of Greece, experimental neo-psych/krautrock space rockers ‘Holy Monitor’ have unleashed a stunning new single back in September entitled 'Ghost', a ten minute plus journey filled to it's psychedelic brim with magical incantational sonic energy. The band are made up of Stefanos Mitsis - guitars, Alex Bolpasis - bass,  Vangelis Mitsis - synths/organs and George Nikas - drums/guitars/vocals and this latest single follows on from their absolutely stunning self-titled album released back in February 2017. The single is available to buy/download right now from 

'Ghost' shuffles into audible range on a glistening instrumental drone accompanied by the throb of synth and the fizz of effected electronics. It builds meticulously into a pulsating organism with the arrival of humming bass frequencies before tumbling headlong into a metronomic percussive beast. Plinking synth lines and waves of reverberation arrive adding lysergic atmosphere to the mix with every single chord change, allowing magnificent guitar progressions to lick and harass the piece to within an inch of it's life. Organ lines howl pulling clandestine vocalisations with them as they meander through layers of reverberation collectively merging with every other piece of the sonic jigsaw to bring us a mesmerising ten minutes of music.



The Oscillation - Evil In The Tree - Featured Image - (700x700)

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Oscillation - Evil In The Tree

Sublime London based experimental psych aficionados 'The Oscillation' have returned with a mesmerising new 7' single entitled 'Evil In The Tree' released back on the 11th August 2017  via the ever reliable UK based independent label 'Wrong Way Records'. This two track 7' single is available right now both digitally and on lovely vinyl (limited to 300) via

'Evil In The Tree' pulses into existence on a magnificent sonic wave filled with metronomic percussion, mind numbing bass frequencies, chittering electronics and droning swirls of synth. Snarling vocalisations swirl menacingly in a dark turbulent haze as screaming lead guitar and haunting organ swells hold court allowing Demian Castellanos to imprint his addictive brand of audio chaos on the baying public. Track two; 'Paranormal Non-Activity' is a slightly calmer affair that dips in and out of dark, ambient hued reverberations whilst swirling through turbulent instrumental drones and tumbling swathes of angry electronics until eventually building into a monstrous incantational soundscape.



The Cult Of Dom Keller - Paradiso is On Fire - Featured Image - (700x700)

ALBUM REVIEW | The Cult Of Dom Keller - Paradiso Is On Fire

ARTIST: The Cult Of Dom Keller

RELEASE: Paradiso Is On fire

RELEASE DATE: 22nd May 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Cardinal Fuzz / Sky Lantern Records

Hailing from the East Midlands, 'The Cult Of Dom Keller' have been laying down influential sonic road maps for the modern underground psych scene to follow for the past decade by creating mind expanding soundscapes drenched in acid laced alchemy. Their heady brand of hypnotically charged psychedelia has influenced many of the newer arrivals to this burgeoning scene and their DIY ethos has insured that you can never predict exactly what they will do next. Now, at last, the band have been captured in a setting that they absolutely thrive in. Witnessing 'The Cult Of Dom Keller' live is a white knuckle sonic thrill ride filled with raw unabashed power and mirrored in a multicoloured spectrum of sound. Captured live as they toured their latest LP – 'Goodbye To The Light' (Fuzz Club) at the at Het Bos, Antwerp 17/11/16 and Paradiso, Amsterdam 19/11/16 the band have stretched out ten live tracks, taken from all 3 of their long player albums, and played them to within an inch of their lives. 'Paradiso is On Fire' is presented over four sides of lovely vinyl and was released back on the 22nd May 2017 via Cardinal Fuzz (UK) & Sky Lantern Records (USA) respectively. You can get your hands on the gatefold vinyl right now from

Howling incantational vocalisations enveloped within a swirling vortex of tremulous guitars and crashing cymbals add instant atmosphere as 'The Cult Of Dom Keller' whip up a turbulent surging wave of incandescent noise that washes over the entire audience. Throbbing bass frequencies enter the ether, pulling in unison with chugging guitars, raging lead lines and the swing of metronomic percussion thus instilling a hypnotic edge to proceedings. 'Beyond All Evil Is A Black Hole' builds into a surging monolithic wall of resonating noise used primarily to repetitively profess a vocalised statement of intent ... 'You Are Not My God' ....  a mantra to live by!  The live crowd howl as the droning opening salvo's of 'The Broken Arm Of God' whirr and bounce through waves of punishing reverberation. Growling bass frequencies coupled with angry guitars, pounding drums and dark fizzing synth swells announce those haunting post-punk inspired vocalisations that glisten brilliantly in a dark & menacing hue. Track three doesn't let up either; 'Nowhere To Land' explodes into a tumbling ball of fuzzy noise, filled with explosive drums, wailing synth swells and deep driving bass frequencies. Noisy guitars lick and whip at those impressive vocals as cascading organ lines loop and arc in and out of driving instrumentation leading the crowd into a frenzied response upon it's finale.

'Dead Seas' gyrates on an agitated guitar drone as crashing cymbals ride the turbulent sonic wave. The atmosphere is intense as  the track builds and builds through repetitious guitar theatrics permeated by raging waves of resonating sonic frequencies. Giddy patches of sparse percussion bubble up announcing a menacing vocal before a swirling organ line tip toes through a flourish of haunting notes. The track lurches forward twisting and turning through passages of 60's tinged psych at will and bouncing through incandescent progressions with a fervent ease. Up next, the punishing opening barrage of 'Shambala Is On Fire' burns with intent. Dark oppressive instrumentation rides a wave of tempestuous percussion laying down a sonic walkway for another brilliant live vocal performance whilst the raging 'Eyes' screams into earshot on explosive drum patterns and swirling drones as the bark of angry bass and wailing lead guitar envelopes lamenting vocalisations. 'Nothing Left To Stay For' tumbles through an opening repetitive vocal mantra accompanied by sequenced synth and haunting post-punk hued vocal lines. It's surging guitars enter the sonic battle field on a whim, underpinned by humming bass frequencies and a subtle percussive swagger as the tracks different parts are meticulously worked out live before the band unwrap the incantational 'Astrum Arenteum' and wash the crowd clean with it's hypnotic neo-psychedelic reflections.

The albums penultimate live treat comes in the form of 'Swap Heron', lifted off the band debut self-titled album released back in 2013. Live, this track is a different animal altogether. Squally guitars work through a warped chord structure before the track winds itself up into menacing sonic maelstrom filled with tumbling drum patterns, humming bass frequencies and haunting vocalisations constantly harassed by the cyclonic whip of lead guitar. Undulating synth lines emerge from the turbulent whirlwind urging the track into it's explosive finale. The crowd erupt into a rapturous applause before we're introduced to the final soundscape on this impressive live compendium. Possibly my favourite track by 'The Cult Of Dom Keller', 'Worlds' is a driving statement of intent. Pounding drums, angry guitar stabs and shaking tambourine build the intensity nicely before the track explodes into a multitude of resonating frequencies. It's shamanic like vocals float into existence through a muggy haze of reverb, jostling for space with soaring lead guitar lines and crashing cymbals and winning the sonic tug of war with glowing results. A masterful ending to what is one of the better live albums out there today.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

Del Chaney has spent the last five years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing  writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  - Primal Radio -  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

EP REVIEW | Magic Shoppe - High Goodbye

Magic Shoppe - High Goodbye Post Image (300 x 300)ARTIST: Magic Shoppe

RELEASE: High Goodbye

RELEASE DATE: 16th June 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Little Cloud Records 

Sublime Boston based dissonant psych aficionados 'Magic Shoppe' have just unleashed a brand new EP to the masses entitled 'High Goodbye', a bruising four track fuzz fest that will literally blow your socks off. From their very first release, the impressive ‘Reverb EP’ (2010) ,'Magic Shoppe' have been firmly on our radar and have also been a recommendation of ours for quite some time. Their immense brand of fuzzy, reverb induced psychedelic mayhem rattles through its gears with blistering aplomb and takes the listener on melodic journeys of sonic discovery. This latest EP had it's official release back on June 16th 2017 via the brilliantly independent 'Little Cloud Records' with various formats available including lovely limited edition 12' translucent red vinyl from

The EP opens up, tumbling menacingly through an unwavering wall of growling melodious guitars as ‘High Goodbye’ resonates into the subconscious. Shaking tambourines ride a wave of sticky bass frequencies and gravitate in close proximity to a tempestuous percussive swagger. It’s vocal lines croon and undulate in and out of snaking lead lines as the hypnotic swing of instrumentation captures this listeners attention. ‘High Goodbye’ is a stunning opening salvo steeped in swirling reverberations and whirring drones that captures a snapshot of what this modern day psych-gaze scene is all about. Up next, ‘Lost In Space’ shimmers in a dark resonating haze as the twang of lead guitar drags metronomic shakers into the mix underscored by soaring drones and a definitive 60’s neo-psych hue. The heady sonic fog clears to allow addictive vocal lines to lick, whip & penetrate just enough to guide the way as we shake and move through hypnotically charged shamanic vibrations filled with raging lead guitars and punishing production.

The EP’s penultimate piece entitled ‘Her Ritual’ stirs the senses as menacing sonic reflections bounce, drone and jitter effortlessly into the ether with blistering aplomb. The mechanical thump of percussion drags angry guitars and another mesmerising vocal into perspective, drenched in reverb and hovering on a bedrock of throbbing bass frequencies and the incessant whoosh of droning instrumentation and in turn answering to nothing but the pull and swing of a deeply hypnotic tempo. ‘Her Ritual’ sucks you in slowly and spits you out at break neck speeds before dropping you off into a swirling acid drenched haze. The EP closes out with what is possibly the most alternative track on the entire release and although they side step away from the sonic themes of the previous three tracks, ‘My Minds Eye’ is actually bloody immense. It begins with waves of screaming feedback as the band collectively usher in driving drum patterns, undulating bass lines, addictive tambourines and howling vocalisations before lightening the touch paper and exploding into a catchy, hook laden chorus progression. They repeat the process, turning up the noise as they go, injecting swirling drones and surging feedback into the mix before calling a halt to proceedings, trapped in a cyclonic whirlwind of noise. An absolutely stunning finale to another bloody masterful EP.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

Del Chaney has spent the last five years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing  writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  - Primal Radio -  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Fear - post Image - (300 x 300)

EP REVIEW | Tombstones In Their Eyes - Fear

Tombstones In Their Eyes - Fear - post Image - (300 x 300)ARTIST: Tombstones In Their Eyes


RELEASE DATE: 4th August 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Send Me Your Head Records

Stoner rock, neo-psych, subtle flavours of shoegaze and rolling slowcore melded with fluttering dark frequencies, intense melody and those totally addictive vocalisations of John Treanor make up the collective sonic melting pot of musically astute L.A based quartet 'Tombstones In their Eyes'. Back in May 2016 they literally blew me away with their 'Bad Clouds' EP, so much so that I have been waiting with baited breath to see what these guys could come up with next. The band are made up of John Treanor – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Josh Drew – Bass/Backing Vocals, Stephen Striegel – Drums/Percussion & Samuel Sherwood – Percussion  and they have just announced their third EP entitled 'Fear' penned in for release on August 4th 2017 via 'Send Me Your Head Records' with pre-order options now available via 

The EP unfurls its sticky sonic tendrils with ‘I Want To Fly’. An explosive opening breathes life into an effortless vocal track that sits gracefully atop growling guitars, shuddering percussion and throbbing bass frequencies as ‘Tombstones In Their Eyes’ dip into their inner psych, melding it with subtle shoegazing tendencies and angry alt-rock to create a magically intense piece of music. Up next, my favourite track on the entire release enters audible range. ‘Separate’ tumbles into the ether strapped tightly to a downward spiralling tremulous drone before hazy vocalisations snake and undulate through warbling guitars, fizzing synth and cascading bass lines. It builds in intensity as it works through it’s sonic gears, moving menacingly through swathes of impressive reverb before culminating into a swirling mass of blissful noise. It’s a triumph of a track and it’s filled with everything that is needed to stir the senses completely.

‘Always There’, the EP’s lead single, sounds more like a mash up of french band AIR, R.E.M and some other nondescript alternative outfit from the mid 90’s. It doesn’t do it for me at all I’m afraid and I find it hard to understand what it is exactly that the band where trying to achieve here. I’ll probably be hung for saying that but for me it’s a very confusing track. Up next, ‘Another Day’ fizzes into life tumbling effortlessly through waves of hazy reverberation as melodious guitars are cajoled and whipped by swirling drones, the plink of synth and driving percussion before we’re dragged headlong into a marvellous chorus progression that simply soars. Brilliantly executed and filled with excellent production ‘Another Day’ mesmerises. The EP close out with another triumphant piece of music. ‘Fear’ swirls through a hazy psych filled world with blistering aplomb. Metronomic percussion coupled with shimmering tambourine adds intense atmosphere as a growling wall of noise pulls hypnotic vocalisations out into the ether, trembling on waves of throbbing bass and undulating synth swells. Soaring lead guitar gloriously punishes this entire piece to within an inch of it’s life, intertwining at times with those shamanic like vocal lines before we’re dropped off the back end, holding on desperately to it’s fading instrumental drones. A blistering end to a rather good EP.




Del Chaney - (Author Photo)

Del Chaney has spent the last four years dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing  writer for The Sound Of Confusion (Now On Hiatus). His other arm  - Primal Radio -  has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has helped him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

ALBUM REVIEW | Singapore Sling - Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)

ARTIST: Singapore Sling

RELEASE: Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)

RELEASE DATE: 2nd February 2017

RECORD COMPANY: Fuzz Club Records

Icelandic based experimental neo-psych aficionados 'Singapore Sling' have announced their highly anticipated ninth studio album 'Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)' penned in for release on February 2017 via the purveyors of all things psych 'Fuzz Club Records'. Formed back in 2000, 'Singapore Sling' are credited as being one of the originators of this experimental modern day psych scene with their music continuously being mentioned as influential to many of the newer psych bands releasing music within the scene today. You can pre-order 'Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing) right now from

A menacing guitar drone ushers in repetitive drum patterns and a driving bass line as 'Shake Shake Shake', the opening track on 'Kill Kill Kill (Songs About Nothing)' explodes into a reactive wall of deliriously erie cascading piano lines and mesmerising vocalisations that seem to be collectively held in some sort of static gravitational reverberation. Guitars wail and arc brilliantly behind surging bass heavy instrumentation as the track meanders through it's sonic peaks and troughs with blistering aplomb. Up next, 'Scum Scum Scum' pulls itself out of it's fuzzy swirling melting pot as mantra like vocals pulse through waves of reverb, constantly berated by unsettling piano lines and cymbal heavy percussion. We're led a merry dance until that glorious chorus progression allows in some dull light and lifts the track ever so slightly out of the darkness only to collapse like some forlorn war weary beast of burden destined to sink back into the mix. A masterful track from start to finish.

'Fuck Everything' lurches into earshot on a brilliantly executed metronomic percussive shuffle as a swirling fuzzy instrumental drone circumnavigates the reverb heavy vocal line and that desert laden tremulous guitar line whilst 'Bop Bop Boo' swings into action held fast within a pulsating unwavering instrumental behemoth as we're told to 'Forget About God & Forget About Hope'. Happy days indeed! Up next comes the album's lead single. 'Evil Angel' stews menacingly, deep within a discomforting psychedelic brew as those seriously off putting horns lounge precariously on top of a fuzzy undulating bass line. The lingering reverberation of the guitars and the turbulent shaking of a motorik percussive beat adds dark atmosphere as Henrik's impressive echoing vocalisations swirl effortlessly into the ether . 'Evil Angel' is deeply experimental and fans of 'Singapore Sling' will notice it from the off but don't be fooled, this track is genre defining.

'Sonic Haus' blasts into audible range on an angry surge of latent driving psych rock as those echoing vocalisations instil a sense of fear and trepidation. Throbbing bass frequencies hug rumbling percussion as it's wailing guitars circumnavigate the entire piece washing it clean with fuzz and reverb before exploding into a mesmerising cacophony of noise. Thoroughly enjoyable and probably my favourite track on this entire release 'Sonic Haus' is definitely worthy of your ears. Up next, 'Surrounded By Cunts' marches into the ether on a repetitive beat as droning instrumentation swerves menacingly behind meandering vocals, driving guitar squall, undulating bass frequencies and those ever consistent malicious piano stabs whilst 'Riffermania (Kill Kill Kill)' ventures into motorcycle b-movie soundtrack territory and wouldn't sound out of place echoing vehemently in films such as 'Motorpsycho, Angels Die Hard, The Hellcats or The Jesus Trip'.

The albums penultimate piece jangles and plinks into existence on a surge of quivering acoustics and swirling reverberation. 'Nothing And Nowhere' meanders deftly through expressive psychedelically charged verse progressions coupled with brilliantly executed vocalisations and on into droning chorus parts, peppered at times with fuzzy & wailing guitar squall and those militant piano stabs. The album closes out however with the majestic 'Nuthing's Theme', an atmospheric eastern tinged slice of experimental neo-psych opening up with sampled swells of brash brass sections and deviously good cascading piano lines that are all precariously positioned on top of a marching percussive assault. 'Nothing's Theme' lurches forward through it's designated sonic parts with aplomb as we're brought willingly on a dark and twisted journey of psychedelic discovery. A triumphant ending to a marvellous album.




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