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EP REVIEW | Dazy Crown - I Don't Need A Jacket

Dazy Crown - I Don't Need A jacket - post image - (300x300)ARTIST: Dazy Crown

RELEASE: I Don't Need A Jacket

RELEASE DATE: 16th June 2017


Norwich based 'Dazy Crown' have just unleashed a brand new four track EP brilliantly titled 'I Don't Need A Jacket' via the independent record label 'Hazy Dog'. The band began life back in 2015 as the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Thomas Little before fleshing it out into a quartet with Philip Jones on guitar, Thomas Rees on bass and Theo Lewis on drums. Their collective sound sits firmly within the jangling lo-fi/garage catagories of music but it is also infused with stunning melody and subtle passages of dreamy psych-pop. 'I Don't Need A Jacket' is available to buy/download right now on various formats from hazydog.bandcamp.com

The EP opens up with 'Euphoria'. A beautifully translucent lead guitar line runs throughout as cascading bass frequencies hover just below the mix hugging a steady drum track and the hum of rhythm guitar, collectively enveloping that melody driven vocal line in it's entirety. A stunning opening salvo indeed. 'Dazy Crown' peel back their outer layers to show their subtle psych-pop tendencies on track two. 'Peanut Butter Dreaming' swerves into earshot filled with summery vibes that swirl around a shimmering a lead lick, a metronomic drum track and the throb of bass. Woozy vocalisations splashed in melodious colour twist a turn through layers of reverberation until we're eventually introduced to brilliantly executed and psychedelically charged finale.

'360 Dunk' drives into the ether swirling on another rambling lead guitar line. This time the bass line takes centre stage though as it meanders on a melodious trip, dancing in and out of a giddy percussive swagger as the collective instrumentation tries desperately to hold on. The vocal lines on this track are addictive and they float effortlessly on top of the surging reverb. The EP closes out with its lead single. 'Multi Vitamin' tumbles through swathes of woozy and highly infectious guitar progressions that ride an insanely laid back percussive pattern. Those simmering vocalisations wobble and arc through hazy layers of bubbling bass frequencies and resonating production as the leaping chorus break snaps you out of a hypnotising trance and tip toes you into a cyclonic world filled with instrumental drones and fuzzy sonic reflections. A fitting ending to a marvellous EP.









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NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Dazy Crown - Move (Hazy Dog Records).

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'Dazy Crown' are a Norwich-based lo-fi garage band who create stunning soundscapes that are full of melodic brilliance. Formed in 2015 as the solo project of guitarist and vocalist Thomas Little. It soon fleshed out to a four-piece with Philip Jones on guitar, Thomas Rees on bass and Theo Lewis on drums. Leading up the new single the band have been playing all over the UK, appearing at The Alternative Escape in Brighton and playing numerous headline shows in London and Norwich, whilst getting well-deserved airtime and praise by Amazing Radio and BBC Introducing. This latest single entitled 'Move' gets its official release on the 30th July 2016 via Hazy Dog Records and will be available to buy/download on Cassette, Digitally & on CD.


'Move' is an infectious slice of experimental psych-pop with addictive reverberating guitar parts, throbbing bass progressions, repetitive percussive hits and an instantly recognisable floating vocal that lazily meanders between the instrumentation with aplomb.

Recommended listening and most definitely ones to watch going forward!