Glass Horses - Stepping Stones

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Glass Horses - Stepping Stones

We're very, very late to the party on this one and for that we apologise but we simply can't let this single go by without mentioning it. London based alt/shoegaze quartet 'Glass Horses' have unleashed a stunning brand new single entitled 'Stepping Stones' via their bandcamp page and it follows briskly on from their recently released self-titled debut EP. The band are made up of Noga Shatz - vocals, Terry Hale - guitar/keyboards, Pat Paxton - bass, James Walker - drums and 'Stepping Stones' is available to buy/download right now from with the 'Glass Horses' EP is available to listen to in full over on the bands Soundcloud page.

'Stepping Stones' shimmies into the ether in a torrent of atmospheric reverberation as mesmerising guitar progressions meld with its snaking lead lines and another impressive vocal performance courtesy of Noga Shatz. Sparse percussion and cascading bass frequencies add weight to the piece as the collectively blissful chorus progressions arc and swoon leading us into a sublime closing segment that builds and builds and builds. Their collective sound skips through passages of mesmerising psych, shimmering shoegaze and blissed out dreamy alt-rock with relative ease making Glass Horses one of the most exciting bands on the underground scene right now.



EP REVIEW | Glass Horses - Glass Horses

ARTIST: Glass Horses 

RELEASE: Glass Horses



London based alt/shoegaze quartet 'Glass Horses' have unleashed a veritable feast for the ears with the debut four track self-titled EP. Their overall sound is distinctly modern with slight nod of respect to the originators of the genre with influences such as Ride, Novella, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Froth, and L.A Witch being bandied about. Personally speaking, I can hear Cranes, Secret Shine & Boston based noise junkies The Swirlies surging through their sound with a slight doff of the cap instrumentally to the repetitiveness of the modern day psych scene. The band are made up of Noga Shatz - vocals, Terry Hale - guitar/keyboards, Pat Paxton - bass, James Walker - drums and the 'Glass Horses' EP is available to listen to in full over on the bands Soundcloud page. You can also pick up a copy of the lead single 'Little Tricks' for a small fee over at:

Swirling melodious guitar noise and sparse percussion heralds the arrival of 'Little Tracks' and I'm instantly transfixed on gorgeous vocalisations of Noga Shatz. Instrumentally this track is faultless as droning guitars and the constant throb of cascading bass frequencies meld effortlessly with those repetitive synth lines. The entire track seems to envelope the vocals perfectly. Up next, I'm sort of led into a false sense of security as 'Low' creeps into audible range. It starts slow and builds into a psychedelically charged monster as those almost post-punk sounding bass lines meander in and out of explosive percussion and charging reverberation. The sneaking lead guitar lines mimic those impressive duel vocal's as the track drags itself through explosive chorus progressions with relative ease. A pretty cool track and possibly my favourite on the entire release.

The EP's penultimate piece wouldn't look out of place on a modern day psych rock compilation. 'Honey' is a brooding, atmospheric brute with 60's sounding psych connotations and swirling instrumentation all circumnavigating a melody driven bass line and those addictive vocalisations courtesy of Noga Shatz. The production on this track is brilliant and I know the band self produced this EP so credit where credit is due! The closing piece on this release is absolutely stunning. 'Blue Lights' screams UK noisy experimental shoegaze outfit 'Cranes', with its pulsating rhythmic patterns, quiet verse progressions followed by explosive instrumentation and those hypnotically sounding synth swells. There's a subtle 80's post-punk edge to this track to that is completely addictive and worthy of your ears. All in all this is a pretty special collection of tracks.





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