ALBUM REVIEW | Follow The Sea - Blue Joy

a2235299513_16ARTIST: Follow The Sea


RELEASE DATE: 25th May 2016

RECORD COMPANY: Häxrummet Records

Stockholm based noisy & experimental psych-gazing duo ‘Follow The Sea’ have returned with their highly anticipated follow up to 2014’s immense four track EP ‘Sibirien’. Comprising of five tracks, ‘Blue Joy’ is peppered with masterful soundscapes each one bringing something sonically different to this modern day musical table. ‘Follow The Sea’ are made up of ‘Erik Solfeldt & Magnus Lilltrollet Lundgren’. Their overall sound drones within layers of blissful reverberation and swirling accumulative fuzz thats circumnavigated by melodically serine vocal progressions and senses pummelling percussive explosions. The album was produced by Niclas Lindgren & Follow the Sea, written by Follow the Sea (Breeze by Niclas Lindgren & Follow the Sea), mastered by Carl Saff, artwork by Erica Anettesdotterr with photos by Erica Anettesdotter & Sara Alf Sökare Eklöf. ‘Blue Joy’  was officially released on the 25th May 2016 via Häxrummet Records and is available to buy/download on various formats from:

‘Blue Joy’ opens up with the blistering ‘Dive’. A swirling drone lays a solid, guiding foundation before we’re introduced to explosive drums and a massive layered wall of driving guitars. It then takes off like a sonic steam train, weaving and bobbing through expansive golden frequencies that are drenched in stunning guitar effects. The reverberating maelstrom of intense noise ebbs and flows through expertly produced & spacious percussive breaks as the tracks melodic vocal line picks its way through the leftovers of the proceeding sonic attack. ‘Dive’ is brilliantly addictive and a stunning opener. Up next, is the albums’s first single! ‘Virhe’ languishes on a bed rock of repetitive sequenced percussive hits as those hazy synth swells and hypnotic guitars swirl around the psychedelically induced but highly melodic vocal track, thus holding it in a kind of sonic stasis as the track meanders expertly on its chosen course.

A driving, distorted guitar progression coupled with another pounding drum pattern announces the arrival of ‘In Time’ and its not long before we’re treated to another impressive vocal display that leads us into a soaring chorus and on into a blissful break before the track explodes into a cacophony of wonderful noise! The growling, opening chords of the albums’s penultimate track entitled ‘Fall’ leans more into noise-rock territory but their is a subtle swathe of psych-rock coursing through its inner core. The vocals wail and the guitars surf through layers of impressive, sequenced synth progressions that are steeped in impressive reverberating joy! The albums’s closing piece chalks in at fifteen minutes plus. ‘Breeze’ floats into the sonic ether on a wave of droning atmospheric synth that builds from its opening notes. The addition of dark creeping guitar swells add to the building intrigue before ‘Breeze’ explodes into a wonderfully hypnotic wall of intense noise. Subtle vocal hits swim within the swirling sonic maelstrom as ‘Follow The Sea’ close out ‘Blue Joy’ with a brilliant slice of stunning experimental psych-gaze. A thoroughly enjoyable ending to a brilliantly executed album.

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EP REVIEW: Follow The Sea - Sibirien (Moon Sounds Records)


Self confessed Swedish noise rockers Follow The Sea released their stunning second EP ‘Sibirien’ to the masses back in November 2014. Recorded, produced and mixed between November 2013 & March 2014 at Glappkontakt, Sweden and mastered by none other than Alex Kretov (Ummagma) at Ummagma’s own recording studio in Ukraine, ‘Sibirien’ see’s the Swedish duo take a most welcome forward step from their excellent but sometimes under produced self-titled debut EP -  ‘Follow The Sea’.

Sibirien begins with the addictive chord sequence of ‘Forest Beach’, a beautifully composed track that builds into that trade mark ‘Follow The Sea’ noise-rock infused thundering chorus break and then, like waves crashing on a beach, calms down only to build once again with Erik’s immense vocals leading the charge to the tracks explosive ending.

‘Forest Beach’ washes over us and in turn guides this listener to Sibirien’s sublime second track ‘Heart of Noise’. This sometimes shoegaze, sometimes noise-rock influenced track is to me closer to what I believe ‘Follow The Sea’ sound like! They’re not strictly stuck in the genre of noise-rock. They have shoegaze tendencies whether purposefully injected or accidently created in studio.

That traditional shoegaze wall of sound is evident not only throughout ‘Heart of Noise’ but well into ‘Sibirien’, the EP’s third track and a personal favourite of mine.This is a stunning piece of music! The production on this track alone is second to none and I commend Magnus Lundgren on his skills behind the mixing console. Erik Solfeldt’s vocals are captivating! They sit atop a polished wall of guitars, synthesizers and thundering drums and guide this track through a maelstrom of sound waves. They are immense! I could listen to them over and over again. I believe that ‘Sibirien’ is the corner stone of this EP. This track should, by rights, show everyone where ‘Follow The Sea’ are musically, right now! It has me believing in them as a serious musical outfit. I’m now getting excited about the future and looking forward to the prospect of listening to a debut album from this band and in turn hearing what they can conjure up in the studio together.

Sibirien ends on the calming influences of ‘River’ and the explosive bonus track ‘Linoleum’, another testament to Erik’s vocal abilities and the production skills of Magnus Lundgren.

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Sibirien is, in my opinion, a naturally progressive & positive step by a band that did not rest on their laurels after recording their debut EP, but jumped right back in and concentrated on creating a consistently strong, well-produced and polished collection of tracks. It oozes confidence and shows tenacity in not only the bands song writing skills but also in the quality of their production & mixing techniques. After two EP's 'Follow The Sea'  are showing  great promise for future releases. Sibirien is a stunning piece of work by a band on the rise and I wish them well on their travels. Next stop for me is listening to their debut album when eventually they release one.

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Follow The Sea are Erik Solfeldt ,Vocals, Guitar & Synthesizer and Magnus Lundgren Drums & Synthesizer. The Swedish duo recorded, produced and mixed ‘Sibirien’ in Glappkontakt, Sweden. The EP was released through the independent record label ‘Moon Sounds Records’ and is available to buy through their Bandcamp page. You can also find 'Follow The Sea'  on their Twitter & Facebook pages respectively.


Del Chaney - The Primal Music Blog - Dublin,  January 2015.