NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Easy Tide - Denim On Denim

Pulsing shimmering melody & effortless melancholy into raging torrents of intermittent fuzzy noise isn't something to be taken lightly. It's a difficult process to get right and takes somebody with serious song writing & production skills to it pull off. That being said, Irish based noisy post-gaze trio 'Easy Tide' have managed to do it in spades on their latest single aptly titled 'Denim On Denim'. The band are made up of Aaron Dunphy, Steven Rafferty & Mark Carolan and they collectively create beautifully honest soundscapes that meander through swathes of reverberation and intense fragility that at times hangs on a very fine sonic thread before exploding into bouts of blissful frequential noise. 'Denim On Denim' is the bands first outing of 2017, the track follows from the release of their 2016 debut LP 'Ennui' and the following singles ‘Tea Party’ and ‘Mind Your Head’.

'Denim On Denim' leaves you with no place to hide. It pulls on your heart strings with it's deeply intense melancholic vocalisations straddling jangling guitar progressions and the constant hum of bass frequencies. It's rickety percussive swagger swings menacingly as the track builds and ebbs through passages of noisy instrumentation before exploding into it's grand sonic finale.

Bloody Marvellous!


NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Easy Tide - Mind Your Head.

Irish based 'Easy Tide' have been floatin round for a while now. Establishing themselves in drips and drabs, one constant theme in the 'Easy Tide' sound is the frustrated surf, blues, fuzz & rock mix.
 Hazy & bored, yet passionate & angry (ANGRY REACTS ONLY TO THIS VIDEO).

'Mind Your Head' takes the aesthetic of vaporwave by way of using a grand 90's colour scheme to present their new, trippy and suggestive video. The tune itself is a passionate blast of fuzz & huge bass, a modern classic in the making!

 In other words, this video is lit A.F

Miss this at your peril.