NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | The Marbles Jackson - Ten Million Suns


London (Hackney) based fuzzy & atmospheric psych/shoegaze outfit 'The Marbles Jackson' have announced a brand new single & visually compelling accompanying video directed by Naoko Takahashi entitled 'Ten Million Suns', penned in for release on the January 26th 2017 via Feline Frequency Recordings. This latest single is the band first since their highly successful full length album 'Notes To Dust' wowed us back in April 2015. The band are made up of Terry Kirkbride - voice/drums/acoustic guitar/drone, Naoko Takahashi - electric guitar/voice, Simon Gwyne - keys/electric guitar/slide guitar & Mikey Belfast Gibson - bass. 'Ten Million Suns' (backed by Wish For) is released on digital download and very limited edition Red Cassette Tape on 26th January 2017 and will be available to pre-order very soon via

'Ten Million Suns' echoes in a swirling haze of reverberation as the highly addictive vocalisations of Terry Kirkbride shimmer and glide through diminished instrumental drones, fizzing percussion and tremulous acoustic frequencies. The track loops and arcs through many different sonic permutations all the while cushioning your senses with beautifully intense passages of hypnotically charged psychedelic tones deftly underscored by brilliantly executed production techniques.



ALBUM REVIEW | Rise Of The Echo Drone - Chemically Altered

a0842208450_16ARTIST: Rise Of The Echo Drone

RELEASE: Chemically Altered

RELEASE DATE: September 28th 2016


Glasgow based experimental psych outfit ‘Rise Of The Echo Drone’ is a collaborative musical project created by Laura O’Brien and Helicon’s own Gary Hughes that features hypnotically charged psychedelic soundscapes gloriously filled with swathes of sequenced electronics, dub laden bass frequencies, motorik percussive patterns and intensely addictive instrumentation that effortlessly swirl through the sonic ether with reckless abandon. Their latest full length nine track album entitled ‘Chemically Altered’ was released back on September 28th 2016 and is available to buy/download right now from:

‘Getting Higher’ menacingly ambles into earshot on rumbling bass frequencies and a repetitious percussive pattern coupled with sampled vocalisations and underlying synth swells. It’s mantra like vocal lines are enticing and they meld effortlessly with the swirling bleeps and whirls of the instrumentation. Up next, ‘Skull Grinder’ crawls and shudders as it makes landfall, building in intensity as the drum patterns rumble and shake, all the while circumnavigated by droning frequential noise, snaking lead guitar lines and haunting sampled vocals. The eastern esoteric vibes of ‘Chemically Possessed’ float into the ether on a blissful wave of tabla drums and electronic theatrics whilst ‘Drone And E’ does exactly as it says on the tin.

‘Walks Without Sound’ hovers as it unleashes sparse percussion and a plethora of impressive sampled vocals that collectively swirl through swathes of reverberation while ‘Chemically Altered’ rattles as it’s burgeoning synth swells sit atop a repetitious breakbeat, building in intensity as it works through a collection of woozy sequenced patterns. Up next, ‘Dying Escape Death’ is steeped in atmospherics as its dark synth lines and pounding drums usher in it’s unsettling repetitious vocal mantra. The albums penultimate track is a modern day psych monster. ‘Is He Sleeping’ undulates and builds in intensity as it enters into audible range. It’s driving bass frequencies lead the charge as the almost hallucinogenic vocal line rides a wave of impressive reverb and is brilliantly intertwined with searing guitar squall and enchanting lead licks.

The albums closing piece entitled ‘Insane People With Insane Minds’ swirls around a sampled speech by the infamous Mr.John Lennon. Subtly building as it meanders through layers of deranged synth swells, cascading piano progressions and droning instrumentation, ‘Insane People With Insane Minds’ is a fitting end to a brilliantly experimental slice of modern day electronic psych.




Del Chaney has spent the last four years not only fronting popular experimental Irish Electronic duo Analogue Wave but also dedicating his time to uncovering the best artists in the unsigned or small independent label based shoegaze, ethereal dream pop, post punk, post rock & modern psych rock from all over the globe & reviewing them for this blog - The Primal Music Blog. He is also a contributing writer for The Sound Of Confusion. His other arm - Primal Radio - has gained considerable respect from bands and promoters alike since its conception in 2013 & has hepled him in actively promoting a genre of music that he is passionate about. Hailing from Dublin, Ireland, he is a keen Vinyl Collector, Tattoo Fan & all round good guy! He is a self confessed music freak & is never far away from a studio console or a turntable.

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Shalloboi - Mad Honey

Chicago based psych/drone aficionados Shalloboi have self-released a new single entitled 'Mad Honey' via bandcamp. The single also includes b-sides ‘Quietly Smoldering’ and the title track for their forthcoming album ‘Self Perpetuating Machine Of Loss And Hopeless Yearning'. The aforementioned album will be released digitally in mid-December and physically as a double cassette in March of 2017. Shalloboi are no strangers to the underground scene with a plethora of releases already under their belts. Their sound skips gracefully through swathes of ambient & shoegaze stylings permeated with droning psych rock swirls and blissful ethereal vocal progressions.

'Mad Honey' is available to buy/download or name your price right now via




'You Own Your Bones' is the first track to be lifted from the forthcoming album by Ontario based experimental heavy psych/drone aficionados 'WTCHS'. The album entitled, 'She Walks, She Creeps', is penned in for release on October 28th 2016 via Sonic Unyon Records. The album is available to pre-order from

'You Own Your Bones' is a repetitious beast that swirls brilliantly within a dark & oppressive haze. It lays itself out for all to hear as it deftly meanders through mantra like vocals, circumnavigated by thunderous drums, throbbing bass frequencies screeching guitar squall and droning reverberations before the magnificent introduction of soaring brass section builds into a maelstrom of immense noise. But thats not all, the track gives way to a glorious spell of droning instrumental serenity as it swirls into the ether and on into the tracks finale. Utterly addictive and recommended by us lot here at Primal Music.

... acceptance, acceptance of yourself and others amongst the chaos of the universe.
you answer to no one but yourself ...