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EP REVIEW | Blushing - Weak

ARTIST: Blushing 


RELEASE DATE: 18th January 2018

RECORD COMPANY: Austin Town Hall Records 

It's been a year or so since we last heard from Austin based dream-gaze quartet 'Blushing'. The band are made up of two husband and wife pairs, Christina Carmona - vocals/bass, Michelle Soto - guitar/vocals, Noe Carmona - guitar/keyboard/vocals & Jake Soto - drums and their dreamy ethereal tones first came to the fore back in January 2017 on their four track self-released debut EP 'Tether' and since then the band have gone from strength to strength by signing to 'Austin Town Hall Records' and now returning with their highly anticipated sophomore release. 'Weak' is a massive step forward in their overall development as a band. It's five luscious tracks are filled with dreamy shimmering soundscapes, precise layered musicianship and well crafted songs that are all enveloped by absolutely sublime vocalisations. The EP gets it's official release via Austin Town Hall Records on January 18th 2018 and is available to pre-order right now from both and respectfully.

'Weak' opens up with it's title track and we're soon swooning to it's beautifully intense opening vocals tethered to textured guitars drenched in swirling reverb. Subtle synth swells bubble up below the mix before the track explodes into a kaleidoscope of sonic colours as 'Blushing' unleash a blissed out sonic concoction of catchy guitars, humming bass and steadying percussion. Hook laden chorus progressions soar and glide effortlessly before we're pulled into a beautiful instrumental break that builds ever so slowly, gaining momentum with each progression until eventually exploding into a huge shoegaze tinged masterpiece. This is absolutely immense, a huge step forwards in sound and production and a fantastic opening salvo indeed. Up next, 'Hidden Places' unfurls it's sonic tendrils and instantly catches the ear with it's panned guitars and punchy drum pattern. Throbbing bass frequencies meld effortlessly with the strum of guitar as swirling reverberations intertwine with throughly addictive vocal lines. 'Hidden Places' is a glorious affair that surges into catchy chorus breaks filled with shimmering frequencies and glistening production values.

'Bliss' jangles into audible range quivering on a jangling guitar strum, drenched in delayed reverb. Synth lines sway and move angelically, alongside the deep penetrating hum of bass and a full sounding drum kit. Again, I'm mesmerised by those melodically beautiful vocal tones and the way they float and eddy atop of the collective instrumentation and those immense chord changes that seem catch this listeners breath and instantly pull you into every single note. 'Bliss' is a mesmerising track and definitely one of highlights on the entire release. Up next, 'Blushing' unleash the heaviest track on the album and probably their most 'shoegaze' orientated one too. 'Bound', the albums penultimate track, explodes into a melee of sonic waves as it moves a massive wave of sound before it, caused at first by the deep boom of bass accompanied by explosive percussion and driving guitars and quickly nullified by another impressive vocal performance that seems to calm proceedings down by ushering in some dreamier vibes. It moves slowly, carried throughout by jangling guitars and swooning percussion as cascading bass frequencies wash over everything. It's verse parts are sublime but it's the chorus progressions where things get very, very interesting. 'Bound' is a clear sign for me that 'Blushing' as a band have at last honed the skill of songwriting and are now on top of their game.

The album closes out hovering blissfully on the throb of heady bass frequencies and the swoosh of reverb tinged guitars. 'Love You Twice' is a luscious slice of melodic dream-pop dipped in exquisite reverberation and layered at times with sticky shoegaze finery. It's immensely addictive and filled to the brim with swirling instrumentation that will leave you floored. 'Love You Twice' is a fitting book-end to what is a marvellous sophomore release. Bravo 'Blushing'.




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EP REVIEW | Blushing - Tether

ARTIST: Blushing 


RELEASE DATE: 13th January 2016


Ethereal and dreamy, from Austin Texas comes the low-key shimmer and shine of 'Tether'; the debut EP from dream pop quartet (comprised of two husband and wife pairs) 'Blushing'. On this release the band use all of their technological wizardry to offer a basic, by the books dream pop EP, albeit a greatly enjoyable and catchy one at that.

The EP opens with the title track, whose gentle guitars leads the way into the well written melodic structure of the song, built around the slow tap of the drums, well mixed and comfortable bass and the noisy but ethereal influenced guitars. Special credit to the fantastic and memorable chorus, in which two soaring female vocals meld mesmerizingly with the instrumentation to create a beautiful and original type of sound. The band take que's from many other dream pop bands and include noise and feedback laden guitars in the songs outro; tying everything together into a neat and dreamy songs. The opener is followed by the much less engaging ‘Why Can’t We?’ which rolls along in a simple, almost generic form of pop music, culminating with a good outro and guitar sound before sliding back into its shell. Much like many pop musicians in the modern age 'Blushing' play it way too safe and straight forward with ‘Why Can’t We?’ making it look like the ultimate b-side on an otherwise very interesting debut EP.

The more slower and strung out ‘Mess’ stands out as one of the EPs most well-written tracks, helped graciously by the brilliant bluegrass/soft-rock style guitar strumming away in the background. The whole song shows the bands strongest points and puts on display their talents in the mixing and production area of things. The subtlety of the drum beats and fills can almost go unnoticed but I plead that one pay attention to this, as with the synth/soundscapes that meld away into the background (on purpose) making the whole song sound like a mixture of hipster paradise and palm tree-shoegaze styled aesthetics. The guitar shines through in the second half of the piece, in a breakdown styling that further compliments the song. ‘Protect You’ opens with a nice drone noisescape before the band show their previously explored, swinging jangle style sound backed up by a darker and heavier tone. As though the EP is a progression of the bands song writing, ‘Protect You’ stands as a few steps away from the EP’s beginning, with the band projecting a more well-rounded sound in an invigorating way. This very fact makes the EP even more enjoyable when you listen with the whole thing in context.

The more one listens to 'Tether', the more one notices how heavily the band’s sound is either reflected or influenced by indie and jangle pop bands. Though the EP projects a warm and fuzzy form of dream pop and ethereal rock, it is the songs undercurrents and foundations that owe much to indie and pop rock influence, mainly through the songs melodies and the style in which 'Tether' is produced. As previously stated, this EP is by no means avant-garde or extremely inventive in terms of stepping forward into new musical territory; it instead utilizes a well-rehearsed form of creating and writing dream pop and shoegaze music. Is this a bad thing? Well, no it’s not… It’s just that when you listen to it; make sure you listen for enjoyment completely. And before you ask, in no way was that some sort of stab at 'Blushing' or some kind of way of saying their music isn’t great. Their music is in fact great, but in a way that you may have already heard. The band should be congratulated however, on the beautiful and clear production and mixing on the EP, which highlights every little facet of their skills. Almost every chorus on the EP is brilliant and catchy; something that many dream pop acts generally forget about. And altogether, the performances are definitely worth a mention. This EP is a fantastic reminder of how dream pop can be just as brilliant as it’s ever been, channelled through production, mixing and sound.




Cam Phillips is a writer and above all, a music lover, who seeks to gain experience through writing and listening. He is also an avid film viewer and art and literature junkie who enjoys creative writing. His most recent published work was featured on the Australian heavy music blog, I Probably Hate Your Band.