Tuath - Youth - Featured Image - (700x700)


Prolific Donegal based experimental psych aficionados 'Tuath' just love pushing boundaries both sonically & visually! Not happy with completely twisting the Irish underground psych scene on it's head back in January 2017 with the release of the superb 'Things I Don't Know', the band have just announced another new EP entitled 'Youth', penned in for release on August 15th 2017 with the lead track of the same name and it's accompanying video spinning wildly throughout the internet to great acclaim as I write this piece.

'Youth' is a blistering lysergic melding of trip-hop and swirling effervescent psych that tumbles superbly through swathes of glistening reverb and hazy electronic instrumentation, deftly accompanied by meandering guitar progressions and rolling synth swells that stick to that instantly recognisable vocalisation courtesy of Master Robert Mulhern. It all bodes well for the full EP release and we'll definitely be keeping our inner chakras wide open to receive it!







NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Has A Shadow - Sorrow

Mexico natives 'Has A Shadow' have released a visceral new video to accompany their track  'Sorrow' lifted off their sophomore album entitled 'Sorrow Tomorrow' released back on January 18th 2017 via Fuzz Club RecordsThe band collectively create a brand of dark and ritualistic modern day psych gaze that heaves and undulates through swathes of unabashed reverberation and driving instrumentation tinged with menacing gothic tones. You can get copies of the album on lovely vinyl via the ever reliable fuzz club.com 

The opening salvo’s of ‘Sorrow’ squeal into audible range riding rough shot on shuddering synth swells and the metronomic sway of percussion. Tormented vocalisations swirl repetitiously as the track builds and surges into a raging sonic tornado allowing it’s wailing guitar progressions to pulse wave after wave of intense reverberation out into the ether.






NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Jellyskin - Only Rain (Flows To Beach)

Shimmering Leeds based psych-gazers 'Jellyskin' have unleashed their immense fifth track entitled 'Only Rain (Flows To Beach)' and it's accompanying video to the masses. Formed in 2016, 'Jellyskin' are made up of Will, Zia & Olly and they exploded onto the underground psych/gaze scene last year with a splattering of singles including the impressive ‘Grey Glass Hat’, the fantastic 'Milk Of Magnesia', 'She Sung Oceans' & the blistering 'Eater' which collectively brought them to the attention of the underground psych/gaze faithful. They have embarked on a mini-tour until mid-June playing: Unfest at The Forum (Tunbridge Wells), Headrow House (Leeds), Night and Day Café (Manchester), The Washington (Sheffield) and Temple of Boom (Leeds). They will also have copies of their debut EP, their first physical release at all of the aforementioned live shows. Get out and see them live if you can!

'Only Rain (Flows To Beach)' floats effortlessly on glorious waves of simmering synth coupled with tumbling tremulous guitar progressions as metronomic sequenced percussion pulses on effervescent frequencies carefully enveloping that fragile vocal track. At predesignated points along its meandering course it morphs and twists brilliantly into a noisy & turbulent psych induced behemoth before snaking back into a beautifully entrancing piece of music.





NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Laedj - Carpal Tunnel

One of our favourite bands right now, the brilliant Melbourne based 'Laedj' have unleashed a riotous new video to accompany their latest single 'Carpal Tunnel', the follow up to their recently released debut single 'Pacific', both of which are taken from their forthcoming debut EP penned in for release over the coming months. The band include members of Melbourne based outfits such as 'Inventions, Yachtburner, Breve, Singing For Humans' & 'Hotel on Mayfair' and their sound is distinctly fuzzy with shimmering shoegaze connotations underscored at times by soaring slivers of psych & noise. 'Carpal Tunnel' is available to buy/download right now from laedj.bandcamp.com

'Carpal Tunnel' drives into the ether lashed tightly to a busy percussive attack and straddled by throbbing bass lines & hazy production. Its guitar progressions swirl and arc throughout the piece, whipping up a sonic frenzy, sending out layer after layer of delicious reverb that collectively circumnavigates those impressive vocalisations.

The video was produced, edited and directed by Liam Jemmeson.







Melbourne based atmospheric dream/gaze duo 'VHS Dream' have unleashed a brand new video to accompany the third and final single to be lifted from their sublime 2016 released full length 'Departure'. The track is called 'So High' and it marks a highlight for us lot here at Primal as we had previously picked this track out and lavished it with high praise back in 2016. The duo are made up of Matthew Hosking - vocals/guitar & Mayzie Cocco Wallen - vocals/guitar and their collective sound is inherently shoegaze in orientation with blissful waves of glistening dream-pop streaming through it's inner core.

Unfortunately, since the release of this single the band have announced that they are taking a break from recording but you can get your hands on 'So High' and indeed their back catalogue by heading over to vhs-dream.bandcamp.com

The stunning accompanying video was created video artist Stephanie Peters.






NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Citrus Clouds - Shapes And Things

Phoenix based desert-gaze trio ‘Citrus Clouds’ have announced a brand new video to accompany the latest single entitled 'Shapes And Things' to be lifted from their debut full length album entitled ‘Imagination’, released back in November 2016 via Custom Made Music. The band are made up of Eric Pineda, Stacie Huttleston & Angelica Pedrego and collectively they create stunning soundscapes that swim effortlessly through swathes of reverberating shoegaze and addictive, dreamy vocal lines that are impressively underpinned by steadying percussion and sublime instrumentation.

'Shapes And Things' drives into the ether on a wave of distorted guitars and thunderous drums. It’s bass frequencies hum as the vocal’s easily enter the maelstrom of noise, bringing with them a refreshing air of clarity as the sonic whirlwind loops and arcs throughout the entire soundscape.






NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Fugleflugten - En Anden Side Af Ting

Danish based atmospheric post-gazing four piece ‘FugleFlugten’ have unleashed a brand new single and it's accompanying video entitled ‘En Anden Side Af Ting’ lifted off their forthcoming sophomore EP penned in for release over the coming months. Their sound swirls within a heady mix of reverb induced post-punk, shimmering synth swells and subtle hints of hazily layered shoegaze. Singing in their native tongue, ‘Fugleflugten’ are made up of Rasmus Yde, Frederik Henriksen, Mathias Rosenkilde & Laurits Pilegaard and if you like what you hear you can head over to soundcloud.com/fugleflugten to keep up to date with everything Fugleflugten related.





NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | This Other Kingdom - COMATOSED (Wrong Way Records)

Dublin based swirling neo-psych/garage psych aficionados 'This Other Kingdom' have unleashed a stunning brand new video to accompany the lead track entitled 'COMATOSED' from their highly anticipated twelve track sophomore opus 'Rêveur' penned in for release on April 21st via the ever brilliant 'Wrong Way Records'. 'This Other Kingdom' are made up of Del Kerton - vocals/keys, Declan Dunne - guitar/vocals & Git Sweeney - drums and they are no strangers to this modern day psych scene having previously supported some serious international heavy hitters like 'Holy Wave, The Cult of Dom Keller, TAU, Radar Men from the Moon & Yuck'.

The full album is to be released on 21st April 2017 on translucent orange vinyl with purple splatter, CD and download via Wrong Way Records. You can pre-order the album right now from wrongwayrecords.bandcamp.com

A launch party in Dublin and Manchester accompanies the release, with a full tour scheduled for May 2017.








NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Heals - False Alarm (FFWD Records)

Indonesian based dreamy alt-shoegazing five piece 'Heals' have unleashed a stunning brand new single entitled 'False Alarm' & its accompanying video via the very impressive Indonesian based independent record label FFWD Records. This new single is lifted off their forthcoming full length album penned in for release later this year. The band formed in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia back in 2013 and they are made up of Alyuadi Febryansyah - lead vocal/guitar, Reza Arinal - vocal/guitar, Muhammad Ramdhan- Guitar, Octavia Variana - vocal/bass & Adi Reza - drums.

You can buy/download/listen to this latest single over on Spotify &  iTunes right now!






NEW VIDEO PREMIERE | Leaf - Wait Until


Los Angeles based heavy shoegaze four piece 'Leaf' have unleashed a brand new video to accompany their latest single 'Wait Until' lifted off their stunning debut four track EP entitled 'Nothing Seems Real'. Their music is paradoxically linked back to everything good that came out of the early 90's shoegaze scene with pivotal artists such as 'Swervedriver, The Verve, MBV & Ride' being bandied about as references to their collective sound. The band are made up of members of The Gimmicks, Crystal Antlers & The Orphans. 'Nothing Seems Real' was recently voted as one of Primal Music's top 20 releases of 2016, having blown us way after only one listen! You can get your hands on the full EP by heading over to leaflosangeles.bandcamp.com

In a cyclonic maelstrom of reverberation the opening salvo’s of ‘Wait Until’ instantly grab this listener by the ears and swings him nonchalantly around the room. The combination of soaring angry guitars, explosive drums and the unwavering throb of bass frequencies lure you into a blistering cacophony of luscious noise and ultimately pander to your every sonic need, but it’s the highly addictive vocals that conjure up a plethora of influential bands from this music genre, both past and present, thus adding a hue of invincibility to the collective greatness of ‘Leaf’ that I haven’t been able to tag on any other band for some considerable time.