Tus Nua - Geyser - Featured Image - (700x700)


Post-gazers 'Tús Nua' formed in 2014 & are currently based in Zagreb. They self-released their debut EP entitled 'Existence' in April 2015 and are currently recording their first full length LP 'Horizons' which will be released on September 16th 2017. Their sound is an interesting mix of shoegaze, alt-rock and post-rock with layers of synth, entrancing vocalisations and impressive production. They have just released a brand new single entitled 'Geysir', the second to be lifted lifted off the aforementioned new album! The band are made up of Jordi Ilić, Jelena Božić and Matea Milevoj with Sara Ercegović (ŽEN) guesting on drums for this single. 'Geysir' is available to buy/download right now from: www.tus-nua.bandcamp.com

'Geysir' opens up in a haze of jangling guitars, subtle synth swells and noisy atmospherics. Steady percussion keeps a firm bedrock underfoot as throbbing bass frequencies bubble and skip through entrancing verse progressions, deftly enveloping those impressive vocal skills. It soars through it's chorus parts with relative ease, swirling and tumbling through layers of reverberating instrumentation and magical lead lines effortlessly. Definitely recommended and ones to watch going forward.





Hanford Reach - Featured Image - (700 x 700)

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Hanford Reach - June Sunshine

Brooklyn based outfit 'Hanford Reach'   have returned with a shimmering brand new single entitled 'June Sunshine' hot on the heels of their marvellous debut four track EP 'Canyons'. Consisting of Chris Sherman and Leah Cinnamon the band's sound swirls primarily in the realms of jangling shoegaze hued psych-pop but there is a subtle undercurrent of driving post-punk hanging brilliantly under the instrumentation. This latest single was released back on the 16th June 2017 and is available to buy/download via hanfordreach.bandcamp.com

'June Sunshine' is deeply melancholic as jangling guitars sweep and tremble atop tumbling drums and fluttering bass frequencies. It's deeply infectious vocalisations call out with a yearning intent as the track drags surging lead lines and driving psych-pop breaks into audible range injecting swathes of hypnotic swagger into it's coursing sonic veins.






NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Bleach Bath - Galaxie 420

Ontario based heavy shoegaze three piece 'Bleach Bath' have unleashed a brand new single entitled 'Galaxie 420', a follow up to their April 2017 debut three track demo 'It'll Get Worse If You Let It' . Their sound shimmers in a haze of fuzzy layered reverberations & ghostly vocalisations collectively underpinned at times by heavier passages of driving alt-rock formulated to allow their sound to soar into the ether, riding a senses pummelling percussive swagger that doesn't give up! 'Galaxy 420' is available to buy/download right now via bleachbathto.bandcamp.com

'Galaxie 420' tumbles into earshot swirling in an angry cyclonic vortex thats filled with tremulous guitars, pounding drums, throbbing bass frequencies and swathes of glorious reverb enveloping a hazy almost ethereal vocal line. Growling lead guitar intertwines perfectly with ghostly murmurings to drive a massive wall of blissed out reverberation forwards on a predestined sonic flight path.




Dazy Crown - Multi Vitamen (700x700) Featured Image

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Dazy Crown - Multi Vitamin

'Dazy Crown' are a Norwich based lo-fi/garage band who create stunning soundscapes full of melodic brilliance. They wowed us way back in July 2016 with their impressive single 'Move' and now this immense quartet have returned with another citric slice of summer in the guise of 'Multi Vitamin', their latest entrancing groove laden offering.

'Multi Vitamin' tumbles through swathes of woozy and highly infectious guitar progressions that ride an insanely laid back percussive pattern. Those simmering vocalisations wobble and arc through hazy layers of bubbling bass frequencies and resonating production as the leaping chorus break snaps you out of a hypnotising trance and tip toes you into a cyclonic world filled with instrumental drones and fuzzy sonic reflections. Stacked to the brim with summery summer vibes, 'Dazy Crown' have hit the proverbial sonic nail on its head with this latest track.







The Grey merchant - Convenience (700x700) Featured Image

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Grey Merchant - Convenience

Cork based sonic experimentalists 'The Grey Merchant' have twisted their sound completely on it's head with their rather strange new single entitled 'Convenience', released on the 31st May 2017 and lifted off their forthcoming album 'Avenue De Rennes' due for release in late July. Gone are the reverberating tones of experimental psych/stoner/motorik kraut rock & fuzzy shoegaze that were the cornerstone of their previous two singles to be replaced by driving grunge themed instrumentalism with punk undertones and sullen alt-rock vocalisations on this latest release. This band definitely don't like being pigeon holed into any one particular genre. For those of you new to the sound of 'The Grey Merchant', it is the collaborative recording project of Enda O'Flaherty (Neon Atlas) and a collection of friends and fellow musicians.

You can head over to thegreymerchant.bandcamp.com to check out their back catalogue and to get your hands on this latest single.





Glass Horses - Stepping Stones

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Glass Horses - Stepping Stones

We're very, very late to the party on this one and for that we apologise but we simply can't let this single go by without mentioning it. London based alt/shoegaze quartet 'Glass Horses' have unleashed a stunning brand new single entitled 'Stepping Stones' via their bandcamp page and it follows briskly on from their recently released self-titled debut EP. The band are made up of Noga Shatz - vocals, Terry Hale - guitar/keyboards, Pat Paxton - bass, James Walker - drums and 'Stepping Stones' is available to buy/download right now from glasshorsesband.bandcamp.com with the 'Glass Horses' EP is available to listen to in full over on the bands Soundcloud page.

'Stepping Stones' shimmies into the ether in a torrent of atmospheric reverberation as mesmerising guitar progressions meld with its snaking lead lines and another impressive vocal performance courtesy of Noga Shatz. Sparse percussion and cascading bass frequencies add weight to the piece as the collectively blissful chorus progressions arc and swoon leading us into a sublime closing segment that builds and builds and builds. Their collective sound skips through passages of mesmerising psych, shimmering shoegaze and blissed out dreamy alt-rock with relative ease making Glass Horses one of the most exciting bands on the underground scene right now.







NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Clustersun - Raw Nerve

Catania based four piece 'Clustersun' are no strangers to this underground shoegaze scene having previously wowed the underground faithful with their debut album 'Out Of your Ego' back in April 2014. Since then Italogaze has seen it's stock rise considerably with numerous musical outfits & collectives emerging from its darker corners to try and emulate the previous successes that 'Clustersun' had notched up both here in Europe and over in the good old U.S of A with some very good results and some shockingly unmentionable attempts. The band have announced (that much maligned & very very scary) sophomore album and it is penned in for release on May 19th 2017 via the ever reliable Italian based Seahorse Recordings with a lead single entitled 'Raw Nerve' dropping on April 14th 2017. They've named the aforementioned album 'Surfacing To Breathe' and it is now available to pre-order on various formats via clustersun.bandcamp.com

'Raw Nerve' sits on a very precarious experimental curve with the band stepping out of their comfort zone to inject elements of modern day psych into their usual watered down electro-gaze firmament. It has a kraut like percussive swagger that lends itself brilliantly to that post-punk styled throbbing bass progression and it's angry guitar lines bob and weave menacingly through layers of senses pummelling reverberation. The heavily effected vocal lines dangerously lean (sort of like an over weight scales) atop of the instrumentation with an air of expectation that they might just fall off the sonic precipice at any moment; but that only adds to the overall atmosphere of this track. 'Raw Nerve' is a welcome & surprisingly experimental return from a band who have been out of the scene for far too long and this in turn only bodes well for the full album release.






NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Wozniak - Shader (Morningside Young Team Records)

Edinburgh based noise manipulators 'Wozniak' have unleashed yet another super sonic cut entitled 'Shader' lifted off their forthcoming & highly anticipated debut album 'Courage Reels', penned in for release on the 21st April 2017 both digitally and on a limited edition CD via Morningside Young Team Records. The band are made up Simon Cuthbert-Kerr - guitar, Sarah Cuthbert-Kerr - guitar/vocals, John Sinclair - drums & James Urquhart - bass and their collective sound swirls deftly in a heavy sonic stew filled with hazy shoegaze, atmospheric post-rock and fuzzed out noise rock.

'Shader' is an angry sonic behemoth that tumbles menacingly in a dark and fuzzy universe filled with repetitious frequencies and layered reverberations that swirl and undulate precariously on top of a trembling bass line and another impressive percussive assault. Highly addictive, the instrumentally brilliant 'Shader' spins through its verse progressions with intense atmospheric rage before using its powerful chorus parts to soar into the ether on utterly sublime shoegaze inspired highs. Thoroughly enjoyable, this track is a stunning prelude to the forthcoming full length release.






NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Jellyskin - Eater

Immense Leeds based trio 'Jellyskin' have channelled their inner krautrock on their latest single entitled 'Eater'. Formed in 2016, 'Jellyskin' are made up of Will, Zia & Olly and they exploded onto the underground psych/gaze scene last year with a splattering of singles including the impressive singles ‘Grey Glass Hat’ & the fantastic 'Milk Of Magnesia' which collectively brought them to the attention of the underground psych/gaze faithful. 'Jellyskin' create stunning musical soundscapes that gracefully meander through shoegaze, dream pop, psych rock and it's many sub genres. 

'Eater' pulses into the ether on a swirling vortex of kraut like repetition as its metronomic percussion, driving psychedelically charged guitars, throbbing bass frequencies and resonating synth lines deftly circumnavigate that stunning trademark vocal line. This track fizzes as it tumbles through layers of sequenced electronics and hazy reverberation. Absolutely stunning and definitely their best track to date, we can't wait for what comes next!





NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Un.Real - Blue Garden

Based in Isabela, Puerto Rico & Influenced by seminal artists such as My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, The Cure & Ride ‘Un.Real’ (Pronounced in Spanish) became the first shoegaze band in Puerto Rico. Conceived after the death of MTV’s ‘Alt. Nation’ the band started with their first show at the now legendary Longbranch Pub back in 1995. It has continued over the years as a medium for Perez & company to create unrestricted music. Their sound is firmly rooted within the shoegaze stable with subtle hints of blissful dream-pop thrown into the mix for good measure. With a plethora of releases under their belts 'Blue Garden' is the bands first single release since 2015's 'Kids Are Astronauts / Drones' with both singles lifted off their forthcoming full length album 'Islands' penned in for release sometime this summer. The single is available to buy/download right now from unrealpr.bandcamp.com

'Blue Garden' shimmers as it enters into earshot, trembling effortlessly on a bed of hazy guitars and glistening cymbal splashes.  Glorious lead hooks loop and arc in and out of lazy percussion & the translucent hum of bass frequencies that gently wrap themselves around that sublime vocal track with stunning aplomb.