NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Tape Deck Mountain - I Will Break You Up

'I Will Break You Up' is the second immense single to be lifted from prolific Tennessee based experimental shoegaze trio Tape Deck Mountain's latest EP release of the same name and it follows on from the it's immense lead single 'Loopers of Bushwick'. The four track 'I Will Break You Up'  was released on cassette back on the 8th of October with only two tracks available digitally via bandcamp and the remaining ensemble available on the physical cassette release.  You can get your hands on it right now on various formats by heading over to

Check it out!


NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | Daydream Cathedral - Gazing In Gratitude

Los Angeles based experimental psych-gazing duo of creator Shawn Michael and producer/guitarist Dino Bose aka 'Daydream Cathedral' have released a brand new instrumental track entitled 'Gazing In Gratitude', a track they quote as being 'an instrumental expression of gratitude to those who provide a source of inspiration'. This latest track follows on from their impressive five track EP 'Ancestors' released back in January 2016 & their cover track appearances for various record companies since then. 'Gazing In Gratitude' is available to buy/download right now from:

'Gazing In Gratitude' explodes into a cacophony of colour as the instantaneously infectious guitar squall magically weaves itself around the hum of underlying synth swells & driving repetitious percussion. The bass frequencies throb as the snaking guitar lines spin a web of reverberating brilliance that echoes into the ether with aplomb.


NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | The Oscillation & 10,000 Russos - Split Single No.9 (Fuzz Club Records)

Continuing on with their highly successful collection of split single releases see's the brilliant Fuzz Club Records return with their latest two track sonic assault on the cranium. Their forthcoming 'Split Single No.9' is officially released on November 24th and features 14 minutes plus of immense psychedelic explorations courtesy of brilliant London based 'The Oscillation' & Portugal's own experimental psych aficionados '10,000 Russos'.

Side A on this impressive release belongs to 'The Oscillation' who offer up a swirling sonic behemoth in the form of 'Almost See', a throbbing atmospheric bass driven beast that swerves menacingly between dark industrial percussive hallucinations, brackish tripped out noise and almost inaudible vocalisations whilst being continuously massaged by fuzzed out guitars, theatrical piano thrills and those senses pummelling synth swells.  Side B see's the magnificent '10,000 Russos' bring a highly charged psych incantation to bare as the repetitious motorik percussive pattern of 'Ashkenasi' drives headlong into the musical ether, dragging with it a raging maelstrom of reverberating frequencies, throbbing bass lines, electronic frequential noise and raging cyclonic guitars to collectively create a sonic whirlwind that seems to envelope that addictively ritualistic vocal mantra courtesy of João Pimenta!

'Split Single No.9' is officially released on November 24th and is available to pre-order right now on
transparent blue vinyl from

NEW SINGLE PREMIERE | curelight wounds - Salted Hour

New York based noisy lo-fi shoegazers 'curelight wounds' have unleashed an immense new single entitled 'Salted Hour' lifted from their forthcoming four track EP entitled 'Wearing The Strings', penned in for release on November 1st 2016. This latest EP follows on from their March 2016 release entitled 'Strange Collapse'.

'Salted Hour' drives headlong into the sonic ether on a skittish percussive pattern brilliantly underscored by weaving post-punk inspired bass frequencies and a raging maelstrom of reverberation. The lo-fi vocals cut an unwavering wedge through proceedings as the swirling accompanying guitars perform whammy bar theatrics as they unleash a cacophony of beautiful noise!